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Fine Art by Cor Beattie

About the Artist

Cor is an Ottawa-based mixed-media and abstract artist who creates primarily with acrylics, inks, concrete and resin. In recent years, his vision has grown to encompass many different styles, mediums, and themes, which have allowed him to explore new and exciting expressions.


He offers a refined and sophisticated feel to his works through experimentation of balance, color, composition and texture.

His recent works focus more on playful color abstractions and movements by combining textures, glosses, resins and paint mediums.


Cor has been very fortunate finding success in domestic and international markets. Most of his works sell to US clients, but more recently he has opened borders by offering original and commissioned works internationally via his website.


Currently, Cor is hoping to grow his market here at home in Ottawa and within Canada.


2017 - Best Emerging Artist Award TNAF


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